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Yearly Archives: 2016


    Burford has always been a pet friendly business and we’ve had nothing but positive results. Our first “Agency Pet” was back in the 80’s when Pettie, our blue front Amazon parrot, resided at Burford for almost 5 years.  Pettie was a loud and sometimes obnoxious employee so we decided to let him go to live with a good friend who…More ›
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    It was an honor to be sitting in the Jefferson with all the wonderful people who have shaped Richmond’s business scene for the past 30 years at the Richmond Times Dispatch's Metro Business 30th Year Celebration. More ECPI TV and Radio spots being produced with Broadscope Media week’s spots announces a new EMT Degree.  Fun to shoot and edit. We are…More ›
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  • Advertising & Surfing’s Cost Per Ride

    Advertising & Surfing’s Cost Per Ride

    “I tried advertising once and it didn’t work.” That’s like saying, “I tried surfing and didn’t get up a single time.” Surfing and Advertising are very similar and just because you tried something and wasn’t successful at it, doesn’t mean you can’t be.  You just need the right guide. Just imagine, you’re holding a surf board under one arm, looking…More ›
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  • Creative Q&A: Martin Agency’s John Adams

    Creative Q&A: Martin Agency’s John Adams

    "RBS: Have there been some local campaigns that stand out as things that really got your attention? JA: Doug Burford’s agency (Burford Advertising) through the years has been the most consistent in surprising you with wonderful advertising that is lively and is so different from local advertising. " Read full article here: Link  More ›
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