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Our Favorite Super Bowl Spots

As we all know, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. But, for those of you who watch it for the game, the Patriots may not be your favorite team, but bravo! And bravo to some of our favorite commercials.

1. 84 Lumber: The Journey

84 Lumber’s 90 second spot shed light on a symbolic journey of migrant mother and daughter seeking American citizenship. The entire spot is over five minutes long, and 84 Lumber implored their audience to head to to finish the journey. This spot was so widely popular that their site couldn’t handle the traffic it received and ended up crashing for a short while. We loved the storytelling of this spot, as well as the creative direction.
Spot done by Brunner

2. T-Mobile: #BagofUnlimited

T-Mobile’s “#BagofUnlimited” spot was just the right dose of funny to get our attention. The Snoop Dogg and Martha Steward duo is always a fan favorite, and they never disappoint. With some not so subtle references to marijuana, Snoop and Martha managed to get the point across that T-Mobile never has hidden taxes or fees.
Spot done by Publicis Seattle

3. Audi #DriveProgress “Daughter”

Audi’s #DriveProgress campaign was a huge hit this year with a feminist agenda advocating for equal pay. A heartwarming tale of father and daughter, and the belief that his daughter is worth just as much as any man. We loved this spot not only because of its strong message, but also because it captured us in a compelling story.
Spot done by Venables Bell and Partners

4. Honda “Power of Dreams”

Another automotive spot completes our favorites this year. Honda’s “Power of Dreams” spot featured real (and hilarious) yearbook photos from some of our favorite celebrities including: Viola Davis, Steve Carell, and Tiny Fey. Their photos literally spoke to us and told us to never stop chasing our dreams, keep innovating, and never give up. This fun and quirky spot has everyone wanting to post a #TBT and we can’t get enough of it.
Spot done by RPA

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