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Burford has always been a pet friendly business and we’ve had nothing but positive results. Our first “Agency Pet” was back in the 80’s when Pettie, our blue front Amazon parrot, resided at Burford for almost 5 years.  Pettie was a loud and sometimes obnoxious employee so we decided to let him go to live with a good friend who had multiple birds. He wasn’t the most “pet-able” pet, but he was quite a conversation starter….literally.

Now we have Teddy, the Boykin Spaniel.  He’s been a fixture in our front window for almost 7 years.  He works hard every day and has a large fan base from UPS, Fed Ex, media, USPS, production and neighbors. People stop in at all hours of the work day to say hi and catch up on the goings on in Teddy’s life, business and our lives.  It’s very refreshing and provides a nice break in the day.

All kidding aside, research has shown that having pets in the workplace reduces stress, increases connectivity and interaction, and surprisingly, increases productivity.  Google and Amazon have been pet friendly for years.  See if you can get your boss to make your office pet friendly.  In the meantime, here is an article to help state your case.

Could Your Office Go Pet-Friendly?

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