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Media Billings Over 12 Million Dollars
40+ Years Of Media Buying

With media billings of over 12 million, we can leverage great rates, prime placement and value added incentives. Burford has been buying media for over 40 years. Our Media Director and Media Analyst have purchased just about every type of media there is; television, print, radio, digital, cinema, outdoor and other out of home media. Below is more detail about the media department and its offerings.

Market and Audience Analysis

Effective media plans begin with market audience research; segmenting and identifying your market is the vital first step to the development of a media plan that works. Our extensive marketing resources can provide a detailed analysis of who, where and when your media should target for the best results. It is also critical to identify your key audiences – who are they, where they live, what media they consume and what motivates their buying habits.

Media Planning

The first step is identifying your key audiences and their media habits. Then we crosstab these key audiences to see where there is media usage overlap to maximize efficiency for your brand. Burford uses the latest in media software to design the most effective and efficient media plan possible. This approach to media planning produces the necessary exposure while minimizing waste.

Media Buying

Burford uses agency advanced media buying software and data . This helps us to know CPP as well as ratings in all markets. But, we also look beyond the numbers to take into consideration the impact of the message and the quality of the audience. Input from clients often helps us look beyond those numbers. We work hard to make your dollars go further through price negotiation, placement and added value offers.

Measurement and Evaluation

We monitor all aspects of your media plan to ensure that you are getting what you want and what you paid for – and that it is performing at its highest efficiency. We continually review data and tweak buys for maximum performance scrutinize affidavits to ensure we received exactly what we ordered  from the media outlets as well as do a full post-buy analysis to receive any make-goods.