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Results matter. Our campaigns are about results, not about making our creative people famous among peers.

  • The Dump

    The Dump, is the name we created for a run-down furniture outlet, and gave them this simple marketing concept that made millions: “At The Dump we buy overstocks from major furniture manufacturers and sell it to you for half price.” Last count they are in five states. In ten years, we also helped make Haynes Furniture Virginia’s leading furniture store, which is another story.

  • ECPI

    ECPI University, we’ve had the ECPI account for 30 years. Maybe it’s because we do what works. We began working with ECPI Technical College when they had one campus. With the help of our “Zero to Bachelor’s in 2.5 Years” campaign, ECPI has grown to 15 campuses and is now ECPI University. We are also creating campaigns for their Culinary and Medical Division.

    We feel that we’re working with the best when it comes to people that can put things down on video into a 30 or 60 second spot. We have been recognized nationally by our association and by various people within the industry as far as the uniqueness of our advertising, particularly in our TV advertising. They are very impressed by the way that it’s direct, it provides a lot of clear information to the viewer and it keeps their attention.”

    -- Mark Dreyfus, President, ECPI University
  • Jackson-Hewitt

    Jackson-Hewitt hired us to position them for future growth. We created “Let Jackson Hewitt Do It” and launched a nationwide, all cable TV campaign. They grew to over 2,300 locations in just two years, making it the leading gaining stock in the U.S. that year before Cendant bought them. The CEO sold the company for $480 million.

    Burford Company helped us take Jackson Hewitt Tax Services to over 2,000 locations in less than 2 years. During 1997 our stock went from $4.50 to $68 making it the leading gaining stock in the United States that year. We sold the company for $480 million.”

    -- Keith Allessi, Former President, Jackson Hewitt Tax Services
  • Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

    All the HCA hospitals had been advertising under one umbrella and Henrico Doctors’ Hospital came to us to separate themselves and create their own identity. We came up with “The Good Doctors are at Henrico Doctors’” campaign. In a little over a year Henrico Doctors’ became the leader in top-of-mind awareness over MCV by jumping to 41%, almost doubling what it had been before. As a result, this dramatically increased their market share in the key healthcare segments. Even though they returned to work under the HCA banner, many of their doctors are still recognized on the streets.

  • ChildSavers

    This charity was originally named, “Richmond’s Memorial Child Guidance Clinic.” For 85 years they have been helping children who have been abandoned, neglected and have witnessed tragic events, but no one had heard of them. We suggested they change their name to ChildSavers, a name that tells people what they do. Along with the name change, we created the tagline: “You can be a ChildSaver.” The name change, TV and web advertising campaign helped them go from raising a few thousand dollars to over six million dollars.

  • Dominion Chevrolet Buick GMC

    Our current auto challenge is to make sure people know that Dominion is a dealership they can trust. This is not an easy task in the car industry. For 2012, we developed the “Trust Me” campaign with the owner, Ted Linhart. The key benefit being: “Lots of dealers say trust me. Saying trust is easy. Keeping it is the hard part.” Since its launch, Dominion has had consecutive record sales months. The campaign consists of an integrated effort of TV, radio and billboards. One of our digital goals was to increase the “likes” of Dominion on Facebook, while raising money for the Richmond SPCA. We created a furry and friendly TV spot that said for every “like” Dominion recieved, they would donate to the SPCA. From this 5-week campaign, Dominion tripled its “likes” and raised $10,000 for the SPCA.

    Burford has done a marvelous job of executing our core vision. Their deft execution of the vision through creative enhancements to our delivery vehicles – the “Ted” character and the “Paw Paw Patch” – have enabled us to tell the story of Dominion’s history and traditions in a memorable but, most importantly, actionable format.  The “Summer Hot Sheet” campaign and the “Christmas SPCA” messaging are great examples of platforms and graphics carefully designed for reuse, with a minimum of studio cost. These efforts allowed us to maximize the dollars allocated for media, thereby producing leadership sales results. We are looking forward to another great year with Burford at the helm.”

    -- Ted Linhart, Chairman and CEO, Dominion Auto Group
  • Dick Strauss Ford

    Dick Strauss Ford, our first auto challenge was for Dick Strauss Ford. Dick was surrounded by other Ford dealerships. Our dilemma was; how do you set yourself apart when you sell the same thing for almost the same price? We discovered that Dick did things that other dealers didn’t do; things that didn’t make money, but made customers happy. Our idea was to highlight the fact that “Dick Does All the Wrong Things.” We did TV and radio commercials highlighting Dick’s “mistakes.” We had Dick talking to toddlers in the showroom’s play area and roller-blading through the repair department cheering on his service team. This campaign propelled him to the #1 Ford dealer in Richmond. Dick’s last words before he retired were, “I’ve done a lot of wrong things in my life, but hiring Burford wasn’t one of them.”

    “In the 45 years I’ve been in the business I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but hiring Burford wasn’t one of them.

    -- Dick Strauss, President, Dick Strauss Ford
  • Sheehy Auto

    Sheehy Auto, gave us a real challenge. Sheehy marked down their cars, which wasn’t unusual. To make their markdowns more memorable we created “Mark Down” a goofy professor who marked down everything in sight including their cars. In the six years we handled the account, they grew from 8 to 15 locations, and they are still using “Mark Down” as their spokesperson. Vince Sheehy is one smart guy.

    His team is very good at media, whether it’s network TV, Cable or the various radio stations and the account service has been excellent. When we first joined up with Burford we had 8 locations. Today we’re up to 15 locations and our business has essentially doubled.“

    -- Vince Sheehy, President, Sheehy Auto Stores
  • Christian Children’s’ Fund

    Our agency ventured into the world’s ghettos to save needy kids for CCF. Our bearded spokesperson found sponsors for millions of children in thirty countries using the line; “You can save a child like this for 80 cents a day.” We delivered an amazingly low cost-per-reponse, which is why we were their agency for 18 years.

    “Advertising is absolutely essential to the health of this organization and the work we do around the world. The advantage of a smaller organization and I realize that now that I’m working with one, is that everyone in the organization knows you and you know them and everyone has involvement to a lesser or greater degree in all kinds of activities. So, there’s always someone “at home” so to speak that can provide you some assistance. I think on the basis of sheer creativity, on the basis of attentiveness and on the basis of responsiveness, I don’t think anyone could find a better organization than Burford Company. Doug Burford is a nice guy…that helps.“

    -- Bill Dixon, Former COO, Christian Children’s’ Fund (Now ChildFund)
  • Farm Fresh Supermarkets

    We handled Farm Fresh Supermarkets for 15 years and they were recognized and voted “Best Grocery Store in Hampton Roads.” They didn’t want to use the “Farm Fresh” name and format in a new market, Richmond, so we created a new name, “The Grocery Store.” We designed a new logo, signage, uniforms, and developed a multi-faceted marketing plan that included newspaper ads, direct mail, TV and radio. “The Grocery Store” quickly gained market share and became, almost overnight, the number two grocer in Richmond. Unfortunately, for us, Farm Fresh was then sold to SuperValu.

    “The supermarket business for advertising is a nightmare because we are changing prices up to the time we shoot the spot or we have to deliver it to the newspaper and we’ve never had a problem with Burford being able to respond. Typically when you’re working with an organization like this there’s a key person and it’s always the head-guy, Doug Burford. Why we’ve been happy with Burford as a company is that they have a number of key people who are responsive to the things we need. When we need to talk about the media buy, when we need to talk about the design of a graphic. I would recommend and have recommended Burford to a number of clients. And I recommend them because I believe they have the creative ability to cut through the clutter of media today and get your message across.“

    -- Mike Julian, Former Chairman, CEO & President, Farm Fresh Supermarkets
  • Richmond Police Athletic League

    This is a youth athletic league run by Police precincts giving inner city children who couldn’t afford the cost, the opportunity to play youth sports. They had no money to promote themselves and get the word out, so we resorted to trickery. We had a burly police officer deliver subpoenas to General Managers of each local TV station telling them to show up at a certain location. Fearing the worst, they were greeted by our Police Chief who invited them to lunch and asked if they’d be willing to air a PAL TV spot. Nobody dared say “no.”

  • Richmond Decorating

    Richmond Decorating wanted to let people know they had a new store across the river, so we posted toll booth signs which read: “We’re too nice and we don’t charge enough.” As a tease, we left off the client’s name. Later the name was added and everyone knew there was a Richmond Decorating in the West End.

  • Beltone

    Burford, they have a passion for what they do. When I look at the numbers from last year and look at the numbers compared to this year, every month has been a new record.“

    -- Robin Scott, Franchise President, Beltone
  • Cellular One

    “Most of the people that I have talked to about the ad campaigns that Doug and his company has run say, “They remember the ad.” The reason we decided on Burford was…several reasons. One was Doug’s tenure in the business and number two…just the way he does business is unique with his flexibility, his creativity, his ideas, his staff and I think that’s kind of indicative if you visit his location. One of the things we did in our review was to go and see the locations. His office is very efficient and he does a unique thing we haven’t had before and that is they monitor every buy at Radio and Newspaper to verify that we received what we paid for and we’ve actually gotten credits when a radio station or newspaper did not do exactly what we bought. One of the things about Doug’s company is he’s not too small to do the big jobs and he’s not to big too pay attention to your individual needs.

    -- Dave Anthony, Former GM, Celluar One
  • Eagle Construction

    “Doug was able to get inside of our heads and pull out what we thought we did best and use those points to increase our volume. Doug and his staff were able to listen to us and take our ideas and transpose those into very effective commercials, both radio and television and they were very much a part of us becoming #1. Anyone that is lucky enough to do business with Doug Burford will be successful, in my opinion.“

    -- Bryan Kornblau, CEO, Eagle Construction
  • Pleasants Hardware

    “Burford is wonderful on details, on their billing and follow up. With our previous ad agency, we never knew exactly what the bill was going to be. Everything seemed to be very much in question…very hard to balance a budget. With Burford, everything is right up front. We know what we’re going to spend, when we’re going to spend it. We can alter it if we want to. Everything is very much on the table. It’s unbelievable. I would definitely recommend Burford to any other advertiser. They have done everything that we have asked them to do. They have been extremely professional. They do what they say they’re going to do. You can deal with any member of their staff anytime for any reason. These were things that we were not used to having and our relationship with Burford has been nothing but positive.“

    -- Robert Traweek, Jr., VP, Pleasants Hardware, Now ACE